I went to a party last night. I was a girly-girl spa party. We did the whole pampering thing, which included our feetsies. I used a salt scrub and some lotion stuff and my feet are SO SOFT now! It's amazing. I love it.

This was a good thing I was nice to my feet too, because I did a lot of walking today. It was seriously fun. After the walkie-walk, I decided it would be a hoot to go bowling. Ironically my second time bowling ever was actually worse then my first time. My highest score today was an 83.

Sadder still? That 83 won that game.

I lost all the rest of the games though. In fact, I finished the last game with a 17. How's that for Master Bowler? What was most humiliating though, was the fact that the four year old boy playing two lanes down from our group finished his last game with a 257, with no help from anyone.

A 257!

He even had trophies from a competition that happened earlier in the day. Trophies, man. Oh well, we were at the end so nobody could see our screen...or smell our shame. At least I didn't throw the ball out into the crowd this time. I guess that's something.


Poor miss Lanie May.
Today she has a Headache,
And is sleeping here.

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