So! I'm on my way to make a complete fool of myself in front of the entire staff of Chemeketa. Luckily, the teachers themselves won't be there, but everyone else will. It's only like 500 and some people. I mean, no big whoop right?


I'm sitting on a Student Forum Panel to answer some questions about what the staff can do to make Chemeketa a better experience for students. On one hand, I applaud them for taking the time to listen to what students have to say. On the other, more mangled hand, I feel like I'm being set up. What happens when I say Pipeline sucks, or that the Federal Aid Office could be a little more warm and fuzzy. Will my Pipeline reject my log in with a evil laugh, and will my Federal Aid Package suddenly evaporate into nothing?

Will they show up at my front door and kick me in the shin? These people, they have access. They know where I live. Heck, they know where my Mommy lives! Will the convienience store people spit in my tiny little cups of ranch? Even worse, will they stop giving me ranch all together? OH! The horror!

Maybe I'll give a fake name, and hide behind a shadow screen. Or I'll see if tech services can make my face all pixleated like they do on COPS. I mean, they're smart. They should be able to blur my face live and in real time, right? ....Right?


Oh, the first mid-term.
It is a commin' fast now,
I hope I do well.

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