I had a Leadership conference today, but I'm not going because my mouth is really being a craphead. This is very bummerific, because I was very much looking forward to the conference. Even if I was going to have to miss classes so close to Mid-Terms. It, however, hurts to move my mouth at all let alone talk, which is most likely a good thing, in the end. So, I didn't go. I feel like a complete flake though, because I backed out at the last minute.

I swear I'm not a flake, I just feel like I am lately. I do too many things for too many people, and when I can't do something for someone I am pretty hard on myself, but that's a completely different post all together.

Instead of the LC I'm going to the only two classes I've got today, without whining, even. Aren't you proud? I'm also going to go into the SL&CS office and tell the Boss Lady that I'm not going to stay, and come home early. Hopefully by Sunday this will stop hurting, because I've got to go to the coast on Sunday for a meeting and I can't miss it.

Stupid mouth. I'd yank them all out myself if it wouldn't end up making me pass out, whomp my head on the sink, and die.


Oh, prettifying.
I want to get my hair done.
But what should I do?

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