I pulled weeds today. Because I wanted to, not because someone made me or because I was ordered to by the court or anything. I swear, I wasn't wearing an orange vest, you can't prove a thing.

While I was growing up, yardwork was something I despised. Not because I didn't like gardening itself, I love to garden and I think it's a shame that I have no place to put a garden, but because it was used as a punishment for all my naughty little childhood ways.

Not by my Mom, because she's fantastic, but by Crazy John, whom if you've been reading my blog for a while you know about. If you don't know about him, then all you need to really know is that he's Crazy. I mean, certifiable. If you pulled weeds, you had to separate the weeds into piles by type. Seriously, I kid you not. Even though they all went on the same burn pile. What sane person does that? I don't make enough Crazy John posts, I'll have to start doing that more. They entertain and baffle the masses so well.

Anyway, today was Campus Clean-Up. We weeded, raked, and mowed the courtyard in Building 50. It looks much better now, and we even got ice cream out of it. It makes me wish I had a garden space though, so I guess I'm going to convert the patio into a garden.

Anyone know anything about patio gardening?


Holy week, Batman!
Yes, fun starts early for me,
In my posh Batcave.

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