I have a professor that is very (very, very) fond of being verbose. In fact, she is so long-winded that she writes everything she says word for word on the board. Her syllabus was nearly fifteen pages long. I swear, she even writes "um" on the board. Not that it's a bad thing, really. She's very polite, flexible and has a good sense of humor. I appreciate these things in a teacher.

I haven't had an English class on campus before, hers is my first. I've taken all the writing classes I need, and stuck with the same professor each time because he was cool, and I was accustomed to his teaching and grading style.

In my writing classes we had reading responses, and since this is a fiction class, we have them in this one too, but I don't know how she wants them. This makes me nervous, because all teachers want different things when they say "Reading Response". It never actually means "Respond to the reading in the way it makes you respond" it usually means "Write your paper just like this and if you deviate from it I'll flunk you, sucka". At least, that's how it's always felt to me.

Now, my writing Prof was pretty cool about it. As long as it was at least a page long he didn't care how you responded. If the reading brought up a tangent, and you went on and on about something not even remotely related, he didn't really care. He did care if you went over one page, however. Oh yes, he did. Trust me, I usually heard about keeping it down to one page in every class. Usually six or twelve times. Sometimes in a row. With disappointed finger shaking. I also have a tendency to be verbose, if you haven't noticed.

I wrote my first reading response today, and the first paper in any class always makes me nervous. Even with professors I've had three or four terms with, I get all wary. Sometimes up and change their mind over summer, sometimes they change their mind for no reason, or sometimes they just get taken over by Pod People. How's a girl supposed to keep up with that stuff, anyway?


Today is Sunday.
Rainy and wet again, yeah.
But I do love it.

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