That was entirely too much fun. I sat on the panel with four other students. Two of which I know already (and are both completely a riot to be around) so it made it a lot easier.

We talked about our experiences at Chemeketa, and what we would change if we could change the system for new students. We also talked about what frustrated us, what surprised us, and what we've enjoyed.

The panel was only 40 minutes long, so we really didn't get to discuss as much with the staff as we wanted to. We were all a tad offended when the subject of not having enough money came up, and we were asked if we all had jobs. I have two jobs, one of the other guys on the panel has three, everyone else worked as well (and yes, I count being a full time student AND full time mother as working) so us not working isn't the reason why we don't have money for our classes.

The kicker though was when one of the students, Amy, brought up the overly expensive Food Court food, and how it was crap that a salad cost $5.95 but went up to $6.95 for adding stupid tomatoes. That got a standing ovation. And thus, lit where Chemeketa's priorities lie.

Heap big thanks to the people who both made the experience so much more fun, by distracting the audience from throwing their water bottles at me with their jokes.

To top it all off, I got a $25 gift certificate to the Amazingly Overpriced Bookstore as a gift. Now I can buy all one of the organizers and notebooks I haven't bought. Woohoo. Score for me.

Now, I'm off to clean my kitchen and wait for my lazy good-for-nothing lab partner lovely friend Vince to show up so we can go pretend (alright, so it's not pretend for me) to be snobby while ooooh-ing and aaah-ing over pieces of lopsided burnt clay in a gallery. Then, study, study, study so I can fail the Zoo Mid-Term on Monday!

Yay for Fridays!

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