Yesterday I was told by an African-American male student that I was "Being Held Down By The Man" (yes, he said it with each word in caps, like that). This, of course, made me bust out laughing. I told him that I am glad he told me, because I wasn't even aware of it (of course not, he said, very serious-like) and that I would add it as part of my introduction to the staff at the Student Forum:

"Hello, my name is Jamie King. I'm a dual major, Biology and Early Childhood Education. This is my fourth term here, and I'm Being Held Down By The Man. Thank you."

He told me this was fantastic, and that he would completely support me if I felt that I could be brave and honest enough to admit this to the fifty million people in the audience. This led to even more laughing on my part.

I didn't take him seriously for a few reasons. The first being that he wasn't serious at all anyway, the second was that it was coming from the same guy who asked me to marry him and his argument for when I told him no was that we'd make beautiful Mulatto children together, and wouldn't I think of the children? This was said, by the way, while he was scarfing down fries he had stolen from my lunch.

See? How can you take anyone seriously about your being held down by The Man, when they're yapping with their mouth full of food they stole from your plate? I certainly can't. I guess there is no hope for me after all. Here's to twenty-four more years of being Held Down for me!


It is raining now.
I love it when it rains but,
I miss the sun, yo.

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