I bought a new friend! No, not because nobody loves me and the only way I can actually get friends is to pay them off. He's not a person, he's a fish. Don't be mean.

His name is Spencer and he lives in Herbies old bowl. Herbie, for those of you not in the know, was my very first Beta. He lived for three years (which is quite old for a Beta) and died a sad and tragic death at the claws of my cat Ewok. I've had extensive counseling over it, and I've finally managed to reach a plateau in my healing where I can have fish again.

He's wicked pretty. I'll have to take a picture for you. He's purple and blue and red, and the fact that he matches the gravel, stones and plants in his bowl are purely a coincidence and have nothing to do with the fact that I'm a girl, and have a genetic need for everything to match or I wet myself. Honest.

He's living on my desk, and seems really happy so far. I'll take pictures in a bit. Yay! I bought a plant too, it's starting to feel more and more like a real house every day. I just need to finish unpacking my boxes and I'll be all set.

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