Just to prove to all you disbelievers out there that I too can be productive. I got off my extremely slacking tushy and did something amazing. Yeah, you heard right, I did something. What did I do, you ask?

Why, I redecorated my bathroom.

Yep. I redecorated my bathroom. I redecorated it in splendor. Matching splendor. Yes, it matches. Oh yes, it does, it does. Everything from the wallpaper (yes, I got wallpaper, but I haven't hung it yet, because I need help...no, not that kind of help, the second pair of hands kind) to the rugs to the towels. It's a tasty treat for the eyes. And what, are you asking, did I do my bathroom in? Here's the fantastic part:

I did it in duckies.

Yeah! Duckies! Let's hear it for duckies! The rubber kind that squeak. Not to be confused with the chicken kind with pulleys. My bathroom is a parade of yellow, orange, white and blue. Why blue? Because the duckies are in the bath, that's why. They're adorable. I got rugs, towels, vinyl sticky things to decorate the walls of the shower, toothbrush holder, shower curtain, curtain hooks, toilet seat cover, everything. I even got a matching toilet brush holder. Ummhm.

Now, I know you're thinking it's probably garish, and I could understand that line of thought. But let me assure you it's bona fide double-C cute. Seriously, I'll take pictures so you can see as soon as the person who stole the digi cam gives it back. Granted no sane straight male will ever set foot in my bathroom willingly, but I can live with that. Love me, love my duckies. It's my new motto.

Actually, I'm really proud of it, I've never decorated an entire room before in one fell swoop. I've always collected pieces over years and years, and man, it was fun. I think I may have to do it again. I think the kitchen is next. What sounds good for the kitchen?

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