To answer a few questions about Spencer, the amazing Fishy and my bathroom:

Q) How is your fish?
A) He's fine thanks! He's made a nice bubble nest and everything.

Q) What kind of fish is he?
A) He's a Betta Splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish. I prefer just plain Betta to the fighting fish one, it's less angry. Holy crap, I italicized that, and didn't even realize it. Professor O'Hara would be so proud! You can learn about them here, if you want to.

Q) Is Kero (my frog) jealous?
A) Spencer is on my desk, Kero is in my room. So, nope, plus, all Kero cares about is crickets, because he's a pig in a frog costume.

Q) Why isn't your bathroom in frogs?
A) I couldn't find a matching frog type set that I liked. I collect frogs with a passion that borders on madness, but it doesn't mean I don't have taste.

Q) What's wrong with you?
A) Nothing. What's wrong with you? Jeesh. Some people.

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