Today is Project Page Turner. If you're on campus and can spare some time between 1:00 and 2:30 we're looking for volunteers to read "age appropriate" books to the 150-some-odd smelly little umpkins that we've got bussing over from a local Elementary school to be read to and have cookies and milk.

To make it even better, we've booked a clown.

See? I so knew that would win you over. I expect to see you all there!

I am running a bit of a fever today. I'm not sure what it's coming from. Perhaps the craziness of this week is just finally catching up to me. It could also be from the fact that my (un)wisdom teeth decided to all come back in at once.

By back I mean they come up and down (yeah yeah, not in the fun way, seriously though) every six to eight months or so. I'd have them pulled, but that's what they want. They're just waiting to be yanked out in shatters leaving bloody gaping holes in my head for cute little bacteria to make their cozy homes. They must think I'm stupid or something.

It's ok though. I've got lab (I'm not dissecting the frog! I'm not! The horror! The agony!), a staff meeting, Project Page Turner, another meeting, and then I get to go home early! I'll be home by like 3:30! Wowee!

I think I'll go back to bed.


I just want to sleep.
Cuddle with a nice sailor,
even that brat Fred.

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