I'm pretty much living on campus again this term, so pardon the no posting. It's alright though because I enjoy all my classes and am still completely enamored with my job.

I, have the coolest boss ever. Today was her birthday so we decorated her office and our meeting room and threw her a little party during our meeting. She brought each of us our own cake! Mine is blue and has sunflowers. I don't think I'll eat it all because I'm not a huge cake fan, plus, it's pretty but not pretty enough to wear on my hips, but it was so fantastically sweet of her. If you want a piece, come on over, I've got ice cream too.

There is a group on campus called Students for Life who have taken over an entire display case to voice their opinions on how abortion is evil. They can have that opinion, that is fantastic for them, but what sort of bothers me is their continuing need to tell people that condoms don't work, are a sin, and don't protect against disease.
It's just really wrong.

I've been thinking of trying to figure out ways to sort of put out some information that is more factual then this, but I've not really settled on an idea that works best. Any ideas? I can't do anything under the umbrella of Student Leadership because we're supposed to be non-biased, but I can do something as an individual as long as I don't connect it with the office.

It just really frustrates and worries me that people are spreading such dangerous misinformation, and that some students are actually buying it.


My cute potty room.
The guys say it is scary,
But they all use it.

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